Dave Holmes

Professional Coaching

For professional and aspiring professional guitarists, I offer coaching sessions from my studio in Kingston Upon Thames (30 minutes from London Waterloo), suited to your needs.

I have extensive experience in a wide variety of musical situations (see my biog): pub gigs, club gigs, function gigs, cruise ships, musical theatre, jingle sessions, orchestral sessions, creative pop/rock sessions, TV and radio work, playing with unsigned artists, working with established artists, writing music for film and advertising and now writing my own music. Along the way, I often wished there was someone I could go to for advice...

  • How do I get work?
  • What should I be practising?
  • What’s expected of me in a professional situation?
  • How should I conduct myself?
  • How do I interpret these charts?
  • How should I tackle this piece of technically challenging music?
  • What equipment should I have to cover the situations I’m likely to encounter?
  • Should I try to be as versatile as possible or specialise?

In addition to offering answers to the above questions, we can look at:

  • Dealing with performance nerves
  • Dealing with conductors, MDs, artists
  • The etiquette of depping
  • Any other issues you may have

Maximise your chances of getting the gig and keeping it! Contact me for details.

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